Thursday, June 24, 2010

High Resolution Image test.

Sorry about the poor quality images in my earlier posts, I will replace them with high resolution image files shortly.

In the mean time, enjoy the image below. A tea producing factory in NZ. The steelwork was fabricated in Taiwan, so I had fun creating the framing families. To top it off, the main rafters were curved.

All in all, a nice little project, always good to collaborate with the MEP team.


  1. Great to have another RST focused blog. I've added you to my reader, so I can keep up on your postings.

    Nice little project, by the way. Did you use the analytical features of RST for this project?

    Erik Snell
    RST Product Design

  2. Hi.

    No, we didn't use the analytical packages on this project, but are currently testing Robot and e-Tabs (with some degree of "fudging") on a number of projects.


  3. For some reason the higher resolution images of the details below won't uppload, I am faced with an "internal error" message.

    I will keep trying!