Friday, June 25, 2010

Slab Edges and Composite Floors

Ever tried to do this with a slab edge and composite floor:

But only end up with this:

The solution is in the order the elements are joined and by default, when you place a new slab edge in Revit, the slab edge joins with the slab in the wrong order.

To get a slab edge to display correctly:

First place the new slab edge by picking the top edge of the slab (maybe in a 3D view), not the bottom, otherwise the slab edge will attach to the underside of the composite layer as shown in figure 3.

Note - if the composite layer extends below the depth of the slab edge you will get a warning that says the slab edge is completely inside the floor - ignore this.

Then go to the element properties of the slab and apply a vertical offset to match the floor thickness.

The result will be a slab edge that is cut by the composite layer, as shown in figure 2.

To join the slab edge to the floor slab correctly, you must first unjoin the slab edge from the slab by using the Unjoin Geometry tool and selecting the slab egde.
Then rejoin the slab edge to the floor slab using the Join Geometry tool. Making sure you select the Slab Edge first, then the Floor Slab.

The end result will be a slab edge with the composite layer(s) below cropped to suit.

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