Friday, July 9, 2010

3D Detailing - for Chris

So, Chris asked for some information on how I use 3D views for detailing steelwork.

Essentially, I have created a wide range of face based plates and cleats, as well as bolts and anchors. The plates and cleats are easy to make, simply an extrusion in the generic model face based family template, with the category set to structural connections.

The addition of parameters to allow flexibility in width, length and thickness make the families easier to work with, and making those parameters shared parameters means I can use the information in the family to annotate the details by adding those same shared parameters into structural connection tags. Hence my call to Autodesk to allow tagging in 3D views in future releases.

The same goes for the bolts and anchors, face based generic model families with the category set to structural connection. A little tricky to build though, a range of extrusions and blends required, with mutliple types nested into the one family.

As far as using this content on a project, I follow a workflow of.

  1. Construct the model - all steelwork, concrete, walls, etc.

  2. Set up structural floor plans.

  3. Cut long sections on every major frame or even every grid line.

  4. Use call outs - usually 1:10 details, maybe 1:5 in some cases to call out every steelwork connection

  5. Begin to add the face based components to build up the connection detail, cutting multiple sections / views through the callout to place plates and bolts in the required positions.

That sums up the creation of the 2D details.

To put that information into a 3D view is simple, create a new 3D view and using the full navigation wheel a.k.a the "steering wheel," to Orient to a specific view.

Right click on the navigation wheel, and click orient to view, this will then show a list of every view in the Revit project from floor plans to detail views. Scroll down the list until you find the 2D view you wish to show in 3D, and click that view.

Revit will automatically adjust the section box in the 3D view to match the clip / crop settings of the 2D detail.

Add the 3D views to your sheets with the 2D details, this will act as a little something to wow the client and assist the contractor.

Chris, I hope that helps.

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