Tuesday, July 6, 2010

3D Detailing - Images

As noted in earlier posts, the images I uploaded were low resolution, I was struggling to upload high resolution images.

The error message I was seeing said "image upload failed due to internal error," it appears any image I create using my 64-bit Windows 7 machine, will not upload to the blog....

In the mean time, I have started to create images using a Windows XP machine, and will add more shortly.

For now, enjoy the image below.


  1. this is an awesome graphic. id love to see an entry about how you went about making this, or at least show us some more!

  2. I have created a series of face based connection families - plates and bolts. and construct all steelwork connections using this method.

    I will put up a post over the weekend hopefully to go into more detail and with more images.


  3. Glenn,
    Do you actually model ALL connections or only the ones you show on the sheets? I have been tossing this up for a while now ie model some of the more complex connections as it would make the representation easier and hopefully easier to understand for the builder/contractor etc.

    When you have your face based connections families set up do you find it quicker to do the detailing than using Detail Components?



  4. Jonas,

    I generally model one of every connection in the structure, (i.e. the ones that are going to be shown on sheets) it would only be worth modelling every connection (in my humble opinion) if it was a contract that required that level of detail, or if the client / contractor requested that level of detail in the model.

    To me, why detail something in 2D wen it can be done in 3D?

    The rule to use is simple, will the detail be seen in more than one view... Will you just show a plan on the connection? or a plan and an elevation?

    If the answer is yes, then make sure that detail is modelled in 3D. Any changes made to the connection in future will be picked up in all views, unlike the 2D detailing where you would have to manually change multiple views.


  5. Hi Glenn,

    can you please tell me how on earth you made the purlins transparent, it looks absolutly amazing, great 3D details


  6. Once again using the material properties, to set the tranparency of the material.

  7. but how did you set the purlin lines to grey, sorry to be a mither im just impressed


  8. That's easy.... Override by element / halftone..!