Saturday, October 2, 2010

Revit Structure Wish List Ballot Results

Revit Structure Wish List Ballot Results, August 2010.

Below are the top 5 Revit Structure wish list results, voted for by you, the users. My personal favourite came in at number 5.

1. Provide a "disallow join" option for framing members. This will allow them to be infinitely controlled as needed. Submitted by Tony Wagner

2. Make the creation of large text notes, such as general notes, much more like AutoCAD and graphically stable when editing at different display scales. Submitted by Buck Wooten

3. Allow Tags to be freely rotated at a desired angle. At present the user can only rotate the tags just horizontal or vertical. Submitted by Silleke Suarez

4. Enable the option in tags of showing Top of footing elevations, not just bottom. Submitted by Jonathan Brazier

5. Enable the ability to tag anything in a 3D view. Submitted by Glenn Jowett

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