Thursday, December 23, 2010

CSC Fastrak to Revit Import

You can download the integration link free, by following the link below.

The CSC Fastrak import into Revit works quite well, I imported a 6 Storey steel frame into Revit from Fastrak for the purpose of producing some very quick but tidy documents for value engineering, the member sizes came through accurate compared with other packages I have tried such as E-Tabs.

It is useful for producing rough and ready documents for things like value engineering, however if it was for Construction purposes I would build the structural model from scratch.

Generally a Structural engineer will not build the analytical model to the accuracy required by the modeller / detailer for construction documents.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Revit Encountered an Improper Argument.....

I have seen some strange error messages in my time within Revit, but this one has to be among the best I have seen.

Revit Encountered an Improper Argument

All I was doing at the time is saving a Render to a new file.

My questions is who or what was Revit arguing with?
Everything worked fine once I clicked ok.

Strange to say the least...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Is AUGI going to get all it's legacy data back?

Well.... it would seem the answer to that question is yes.

See the points below as stated in Alan Wooldridge's

1. AUGI’s previous web service provider (Illiac) has assured us that the historical forum data is not lost nor are its backups. The data exists in full and will be restored.

2. Illiac has prepared a temporary forum system with the “old” forum data to go online.

3. AUGI and Illiac are working to finalize an agreement to transfer the forum data to AUGI.

4. Illiac has the temporary site ready to go live and AUGI is prepared to go live once the agreement is in place.

5. Both parties expect an agreement to be reached within 24 hours.

6. Within a few days after the agreement is in place, the temporary forum system is expected to be online and AUGI will begin developing the permanent forum site.

7. Because of the functional limits within the EE forum software, coupled with having access to the old forum data and input from members, AUGI will be reverting back to vBulletin forum software which should be operational within one month after the agreement is in place.

8. Based on input from members and functional limits of EE forum setup, AUGI will be reverting back to the “familiar” forum topic structure.

9. Once the vBulletin software is configured and populated with the required forum structure, all old forum posts will be imported and merged with EE forum posts. Then the temporary site will be deactivated.

I wonder if the links to AUGI I have on this page will become live again? I also wonder if my usage stats will return?

Only time will tell, watch this space......

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Linked CAD Files

Today I was working with linked CAD files, producing a model in Revit using Architects CAD drawings, I noticed something interesting when zooming in and out. The grid lines, which were perfectly overlaid, seemed to be moving....?

See the images and video below.

I decided to do some digging, and after opening the CAD file for some exploration, I soon realised the Grid lines were an X-Ref that had been bound into the drawing, but not exploded. Once I exploded the bound X-Ref, and re-loaded the linked CAD file, the grid lines once again lined up perfectly.

See image and video below.

This problem is encountered with bound X-Ref’s that are not exploded, and also with any nested blocks that are not exploded. I also noted that when trying to rotate an object, Revit struggles to snap to the intersection of 2 lines in a linked CAD file that are either unexploded X-Ref’s or blocks.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

AU 2010 Online Classes

AU 2010 Online Classes are now available for download here

The classes are available to AU 2010 Las Vegas attendees, Autodesk Subscription customers, Autodesk Education Community members, AU Virtual 2010 Premier attendees, and Autodesk employees.

All AU members can access the entire library of class handouts, and watch screencasts from a selection of AU 2010 classes.

From a Revit Structure point of view, I didn't find anything that really caught my eye!

I was impressed with a class called
Modeling, Not Drafting, a Post-Tensioned Structure

I have seen a lot of PT work produced in 2D, so it is refreshing to see someone tackle this in 3D.

I am yet to watch any of the online videos, but that is on the to do list.

It appears that there is much more content for Revit Architecture and Revit MEP, and very little that is dedicated to Revit Structure.

When searching, remember to look in the AutoCAD Revit Structure Suite section, I feel some of these are geared more towards Revit Structure, than the overall 'Structural Suite.'

Maybe the two sections (Revit Structure, and Revit Structure Suite) should be combined?

Make the most of this content, download it now, you never know when a server (or internal politics) could cause the data to be lost...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Revit Forum

I was reading Ben May's Blog, Structural Revit Ninja and saw an interesting post.

It seems a group of AUGI Refugee's have set up a new Revit forum.

Ben says:

"Based on a very easy to use vBulletin format forum engine, you can easily setup RSS readers and the like and even use something like Tapatalk iPhone which is pretty neat

Who knows where it will go from here, and whether AUGI will resurface in anything close to its previous form

But there are already some notable minds adding their thoughts over at Revit Forum, with close to 100 users and 500 posts in its first week things are starting pretty quickly"

I am yet to sign up, but did notice some of the 'bigger names' and 'high end' AUGI users (or ex AUGI users) are registered members.

Watch this space....!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Today I sat down with Chris Senior author of Revit Elemental to discuss the next step of the Revit Leeds User Group. We tentatively decided on the name RUGLeeds, and are planning on having the first meeting in February 2011.

We will initially keep the meetings as an open invitation, welcome existing Revit users and new Revit users of all disciplines, contractors are also welcome. The name RUGLeeds suggests this will be a Leeds only group, the group will be based in Leeds, but attendees from all the local areas will be welcome.

This is still in the early stages of planning, but if all goes to plan we will be putting together a newsletter / invite and forwarding that out to potential attendees at the start of the new year.

Below is a run down of how we see the group will help the local Revit community.

The group aims to meet regularly to discuss anything and everything Revit. The intention is to get a balance across the Revit platforms and form a core of dedicated members and a committee for the group RUGLeeds. All group members will have access to the same minutes, presentations and downloads

The group has no secret agendas and is trying to get back to grass routes, a group for users to share knowledge and learn from one another across all disciplines of Revit.

Aims and Objectives:

•To promote peer to peer support and networking for current and potential Revit users.

•To have RUG meetings at regular intervals at a frequency determined by membership.

•To have presentations based on subjects chosen by the members.

•To be a voice for UK Leeds Revit Users.

•To build a dedicated UK wish-list and become more than a lone UK voice in the wind.

•To connect with other Revit user groups throughout the UK

•To share UK families and content.

•To share "Best Practice"

•To encourage UK manufacturers to produce Revit families and content.

•To providing educational opportunities, and the sharing information with members.

•To provide support for new Leeds based Revit users.

•To provide tips and tricks at basic and geek levels!

•To report known bugs to members.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Revit User Group Leeds - Linkedin

We have set up a Linkedin Group to try and generate some interest in a Leeds Revit User group.

Leeds Revit User group Linkedin Page

Visit the page above and join the group, this will give us a better understanding of the demand for a user group in the area.

As noted in earlier posts, we are looking to set something up for early in the new year.

AUGI Revit Forum

So... For those readers who use AUGI you will of noticed a recent change to the appearance of the Forum. The old Orange style is long gone and replaced with a blue logo. The Revit forum has now moved to an area called Built To Last.

The new forum look is great, yes it is difficult to find the forum communities if you are a regular user, but the two real problems are.

1. All Legacy Data is no longer there.

Should you search Google for a Revit topic, you will find a list of links to AUGI, where the Google BOT has been out and picked up all the key words. If you were to click that Google link, this is what you will see.

Page not found..... Years of Data, problems, solutions, tips and tricks.... Lost.

Steve Stafford has an interesting post on Revit OPED

2. Every users rating and posts have reset to zero.

Just when I thought I was building a good reputation..... I have to start all over again!

I am now classed as..... The Silent type..... What the...?!

AUGI has been successful for one reason and one reason only, because of it's forum members! We are the ones contributing to the forums, we are the ones willing to help each other.

I hope the legacy data can be linked back to the new look forum, whilst some of it may be out of date... Many of the questions and answers are still relevant..!

As sad as it may be, that all this valuable data has been lost, we should look at this as a fresh start, an opportunity to build the new AUGI.