Tuesday, December 14, 2010

AU 2010 Online Classes

AU 2010 Online Classes are now available for download here

The classes are available to AU 2010 Las Vegas attendees, Autodesk Subscription customers, Autodesk Education Community members, AU Virtual 2010 Premier attendees, and Autodesk employees.

All AU members can access the entire library of class handouts, and watch screencasts from a selection of AU 2010 classes.

From a Revit Structure point of view, I didn't find anything that really caught my eye!

I was impressed with a class called
Modeling, Not Drafting, a Post-Tensioned Structure

I have seen a lot of PT work produced in 2D, so it is refreshing to see someone tackle this in 3D.

I am yet to watch any of the online videos, but that is on the to do list.

It appears that there is much more content for Revit Architecture and Revit MEP, and very little that is dedicated to Revit Structure.

When searching, remember to look in the AutoCAD Revit Structure Suite section, I feel some of these are geared more towards Revit Structure, than the overall 'Structural Suite.'

Maybe the two sections (Revit Structure, and Revit Structure Suite) should be combined?

Make the most of this content, download it now, you never know when a server (or internal politics) could cause the data to be lost...

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  1. Hi, How do you draw Post tensioned cables?. how do you do that? with Rebar? Please I need some steps. Help me, Thanks.