Tuesday, December 7, 2010

AUGI Revit Forum

So... For those readers who use AUGI you will of noticed a recent change to the appearance of the Forum. The old Orange style is long gone and replaced with a blue logo. The Revit forum has now moved to an area called Built To Last.


The new forum look is great, yes it is difficult to find the forum communities if you are a regular user, but the two real problems are.

1. All Legacy Data is no longer there.

Should you search Google for a Revit topic, you will find a list of links to AUGI, where the Google BOT has been out and picked up all the key words. If you were to click that Google link, this is what you will see.

Page not found..... Years of Data, problems, solutions, tips and tricks.... Lost.

Steve Stafford has an interesting post on Revit OPED

2. Every users rating and posts have reset to zero.

Just when I thought I was building a good reputation..... I have to start all over again!

I am now classed as..... The Silent type..... What the...?!

AUGI has been successful for one reason and one reason only, because of it's forum members! We are the ones contributing to the forums, we are the ones willing to help each other.

I hope the legacy data can be linked back to the new look forum, whilst some of it may be out of date... Many of the questions and answers are still relevant..!

As sad as it may be, that all this valuable data has been lost, we should look at this as a fresh start, an opportunity to build the new AUGI.

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