Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Revit Encountered an Improper Argument.....

I have seen some strange error messages in my time within Revit, but this one has to be among the best I have seen.

Revit Encountered an Improper Argument

All I was doing at the time is saving a Render to a new file.

My questions is who or what was Revit arguing with?
Everything worked fine once I clicked ok.

Strange to say the least...


  1. Glenn, an argument is a programming term! Merry Christmas

  2. This looks like a Windows (read Microsoft) problem. It happened to me too, and I uninstalled and reinstalled Revit.

  3. The recent files list in the Revit.ini file is out of sequential order. Modify it so they are in sequential order, ie, File1...., File 2..., and so forth. Or delete is all together.