Monday, December 13, 2010

Revit Forum

I was reading Ben May's Blog, Structural Revit Ninja and saw an interesting post.

It seems a group of AUGI Refugee's have set up a new Revit forum.

Ben says:

"Based on a very easy to use vBulletin format forum engine, you can easily setup RSS readers and the like and even use something like Tapatalk iPhone which is pretty neat

Who knows where it will go from here, and whether AUGI will resurface in anything close to its previous form

But there are already some notable minds adding their thoughts over at Revit Forum, with close to 100 users and 500 posts in its first week things are starting pretty quickly"

I am yet to sign up, but did notice some of the 'bigger names' and 'high end' AUGI users (or ex AUGI users) are registered members.

Watch this space....!


  1. Hi Glenn, thanks for sharing the link :-)
    The new forum is now 2 weeks old, and counts 250+ members and nearly 1.500 post.

    And yes, there´s many of the "bigger names" signing up, so it´s really a great opportunity to get those questions asked ;-)

  2. You're welcome.

    I plan on signing up, before the new year!