Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Today I sat down with Chris Senior author of Revit Elemental to discuss the next step of the Revit Leeds User Group. We tentatively decided on the name RUGLeeds, and are planning on having the first meeting in February 2011.

We will initially keep the meetings as an open invitation, welcome existing Revit users and new Revit users of all disciplines, contractors are also welcome. The name RUGLeeds suggests this will be a Leeds only group, the group will be based in Leeds, but attendees from all the local areas will be welcome.

This is still in the early stages of planning, but if all goes to plan we will be putting together a newsletter / invite and forwarding that out to potential attendees at the start of the new year.

Below is a run down of how we see the group will help the local Revit community.

The group aims to meet regularly to discuss anything and everything Revit. The intention is to get a balance across the Revit platforms and form a core of dedicated members and a committee for the group RUGLeeds. All group members will have access to the same minutes, presentations and downloads

The group has no secret agendas and is trying to get back to grass routes, a group for users to share knowledge and learn from one another across all disciplines of Revit.

Aims and Objectives:

•To promote peer to peer support and networking for current and potential Revit users.

•To have RUG meetings at regular intervals at a frequency determined by membership.

•To have presentations based on subjects chosen by the members.

•To be a voice for UK Leeds Revit Users.

•To build a dedicated UK wish-list and become more than a lone UK voice in the wind.

•To connect with other Revit user groups throughout the UK

•To share UK families and content.

•To share "Best Practice"

•To encourage UK manufacturers to produce Revit families and content.

•To providing educational opportunities, and the sharing information with members.

•To provide support for new Leeds based Revit users.

•To provide tips and tricks at basic and geek levels!

•To report known bugs to members.

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