Sunday, January 9, 2011

AUGI set to rise from the dead.

As reported on BLAUGI the old AUGI forums are set to rise again.

"The old vBulletin based AUGI Forums are poised to come back online! In order to properly ensure all functionality and system controls are in place we will be doing this via a “beta” rollout. Just as with any other beta, you may find bugs which should be referred to as quickly as possible.

A few notes about the “beta” period: - We are planning to enable the beta forums on Monday, Jan 10th, 2010. The time has not been set. When the “beta” forums go live, the EE forums will be closed for new posts/replies.

- The forum location will be found as before at

- Due to changes in the login credentials you may need to clear your browser “cookies” and “cache” or “temporary internet files” to login successfully.

- website and forum logins are now unified and you may be required to logout and login at All other forms of access such as favorites or search results should not be used as they may not log you in.

- The primary purpose for designating this as “beta” is to validate functionality, sync login/password and merge the existing ExpressionEngine forum content into vBulletin. Therefore, you will not notice a “final” version rollout, just improvements being made.

PS: Although the AUGI webteam and moderators felt we could have gone live Jan 7th, as originally posted, doing so on a Friday just didn’t make a lot of sense. Everyone is better served by waiting until Monday when technical staff can be at the ready for any problems that may arise."

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