Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Filtering Reference Planes

Recently I have been involved in a discussion on The Revit Forum regarding the filtering of reference planes within Revit.

I was surprised to see a quote from the Revit help file that states "Note: If you open a Revit project that was created in Revit Structure, you may see in the list of available filters Selection Filters and Rule-based filters. You can modify and apply rule-based filters in Revit Architecture. You can also apply selection filters in Revit Architecture, but selection filters can only be modified in Revit Structure"

Why would Autodesk not allow Revit Architecture users to filter elements by selection??

Nevertheless, here is the process to follow for Revit Structure users to filter reference planes within a project.

Step 1.

Under the view tab, select the filters button.

Step 2.

You will now see the filters dialogue box, click new.

Step 3.

You will now see the filter name dialogue box, type in a name for the filter, and make sure 'select' is clicked as your option for adding elements to this filter.

Step 4.

You will now see the selection tools for filters, click add to selection, and tick multiple if you want to add more than one reference plane, begin selecting or boxing the reference planes you want to add to this filter.

Step 5.

Go to the VG dialogue box, click on the filters tab and select add.

Step 6.

Highlight the filter you have just created and click ok.

The filter is now visible in the VG overrides filter tab, and all the elements you have added to that filter can be controlled from here.

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  1. No wonder we the users of Revit Architecture at Revitforum.org could not find those tools you were referring to! I find them very useful. Lucky you, the users of Revit Structure! Thank you for this tutorial.

    Alfredo Medina