Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Revit 3D Detailing - Video

In response to a number of requests in recent weeks, here is a very short video, showing a very simple beam to column connection and how I go about detailing steelwork in 3D.

This relates to the following posts.

3D Detailing Final Images

3D Detailing for Chris

Apologies for the watermark, I had to use a free video converter to compress the file.

I haven't annotated the beam in this video, the file size was big enough as it is. With the release of Revit 2012, and 3D tagging, this makes annotating these types of detais much easier.

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  1. Hi Glenn, I'm new to Revit and have to say your blog is a fantastic source of info. I recently nabbed your bolt family off of Revitforum (you posted it on there a while ago) was just wondering if you could tell me what the large extrusion in the family was for?