Monday, June 13, 2011

Extinction Awaits Firms who Ignore BIM

I read an article this morning on New Civil Engineer titled "Extinction awaits those firms who ignore BIM"

Due to NCE been a subscription only website it wouldn't be wise of me to re-post the article here, but I will share some parts with you.

....Government efficiency mandarins this week fired a wake-up call at the construction industry with news that from 2016 building information modelling (BIM) will be used for every single publicly funded building and infrastructure project. The move is a core part of the new Government Construction Strategy....

....Last month chief construction advisor Paul Morrell said that firms who failed to adopt BIM risked being “Betamaxed out” of existence.

Morrell was speaking at an event convened by Riba commercial arm NBS after an industry-wide survey revealed alarming ignorance over BIM. NBS’s survey found that just 13% of those working in the industry were aware of BIM and currently using it. More than four in 10 had never heard of it....

....Autodesk’s own survey – albeit of delegates at its own user conferences in London, Munich and Milan towards the end of last year – found that the vast majority of firms expected to be using BIM by 2013.

Of those polled, 60% in the UK, 57% in Germany and 55% in Italy were already using BIM methods. But of those respondents not already using BIM, 82% in the UK, 85% in Germany and 42% in Italy expect to do so within the next two years....

It appears the slow uptake of BIM in the UK is going to have to change, the government are going to force this change on consultants and contractors, in an attempt to streamline the industry, and bring it into the 21st century.

The transition from 2D to BIM is on a comparative scale to the transition from pen and ink to CAD.

The industry faces some tough times in the current economy, it will be interesting to see how the companies that don't take up BIM stand when we finally reach that light at the end of the tunnel.

The full article can be read here

NCE BIM Article

NCE is an excellent publication, one well worth signing up for.

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