Wednesday, October 12, 2011

BIM - Are you ready for the digital switchover? The NBS

Following on from the success of the NBS BIM Roundtable, the joint NLA-NBS conference BIM – Are you ready for the digital switchover? brought together an expert and influential panel of speakers to discuss the latest thinking on BIM.

The presentations and panel discussions with the contributors can be viewed

The presentations are:

  • Creating the Infrastructure

  • The owner / Occupier Perspective

  • The Retailer's Perspective

  • The Project Managers Perspective

  • Panel Discussions 1 to 3

  • BIM and Sustainable Design

  • Implementing a Company-wide BIM Strategy

  • Collaboration and Integration

  • A Legal Perspective - Who owns BIM?

  • BIM in Practice

  • The 'I' in BIM

  • BIM and Education

You can also download some of the presentations in pdf format.