Friday, November 18, 2011

Revit UK Content

Alan over at the learning curve has asked me to 'echo' his blog on UK Content.

See below:

"This is
“Your Opportunity to have your say”….
Paul Oakley has been requested to put forward a list of issues to Autodesk relating to the Revit 2012 UK Localisation.
The report to Autodesk is intended to report what’s wrong with the “Out of the box” UK Content plus also what the UK Users would like to see
This includes

What should be in them & What not?

• System Families(Walls / Roofs /Floors / Railings etc.)
• Materials / Property Sets etc…)
• Parameters (Schedules / Annotation / Tags)
• Anything Else…


• Types
• Parameters
• Annotation
• Etc….
Any suggestions or comments please forward to: Paul Oakley or "