Tuesday, March 20, 2012

PK Nail Pro for Revit

PKNail Pro is a commercial grade application built through field testing and surveying experience to allow a user to quickly and accurately capture building information. Laser to BIM technology allows a user to translate measurements directly from wireless laser range finders into a BIM workstation massively reducing data collection time, rework and increasing accuracy.  

PKNail provides not only experienced surveyors but new users a solution that makes them more productive right out of the box.  Their patent pending work flow and real time data capture methods utilizing point-to-point laser technology (PPLT) allow users to capture critical data and building geometry allowing them create Building Information Models on site and in real time.

More information can be found here

Below are a series of PK Nail Videos.

PK Nail – Autodesk University Welcome


PK Nail Chapter 1 – Adding Levels


PK Nail Chapter 2 – Adding Window Information


PK Nail Chapter 3 – Adding the First Walls, Windows and Doors


PK Nail Chapter 4 – Closing the Exterior Shell


PK Nail Chapter 5 – Copying Walls to Other Levels


PK Nail Chapter 6 – Activating Walls and Adding Features


PK Nail Chapter 7 – Activating and Adding Interior fit outs

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