Thursday, September 26, 2013

BIM: An NZ, AU and UK Perspective - Videos

Following on from my post earlier this month I am pleased to be able to upload all 3 videos from the BIM Event held in Christchurch on the 28th of August.

Video one – I give an overview of BIM in New Zealand, the plans of the Productivity Partnership and MBIE, and details on the NZ BIM Handbook

Video two – Steve Appleby gives an overview of BIM in Australia

Video three – David Philp, Head of BIM Implementation for the Cabinet Office gives a UK BIM update and a presentation on H.M Governments whole sector approach to the implementation of digital collaborative working.

Monday, September 23, 2013


Below is an adaptation of an article that was put together for the UK BIM Task Group newsletter by myself, Steve Appleby, Chris Tate and David Philp on Dave’s trip over to Australia and New Zealand, it outlines important meetings between Dave and ANZ officials, and the launch of the first Collaborate ANZ free BIM event, followed by a BIM event in Christchurch.


On Monday the 26th of October David Philp (@ThePhilpster) was in Sydney Australia and present at the inaugural Collaborate ANZ industry briefing. Collaborate ANZ (@collaborateanz) is a not-for-profit initiative, working with and run by the industry. They aim to foster and disseminate BIM best practice and align industry practices 'by osmosis. This free event attracted key members of the AEC industry from across Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) and was focused on communicating the goals, progress and aspirations of various organisations involved in the promotion and development of BIM together with Collaborate's own story of the prominent work they are undertaking in this area.

An international perspective was provided by David who provided the audience with a update on the UK industry and its impending BIM mandate through informal questions and answers - with the assistance of Bob Owen, Associate Professor, QUT – who gave a comprehensive presentation. Of note; most of the Collaborate leadership committee and Bob Owen are again from the UK but have exported their BIM knowledge across the Pacific Rim.

Chris Tate (@CR_Tate) of BVN Donovan Hill & Chair Collaborate ANZ commented "David's presence at our inaugural industry event strengthens our commitment to distilling and sharing best practice beyond our immediate working environments, projects and territorial borders. I am confident that the ANZ market has benefitted from this initial dialogue and I look forward to building on this relationship over the coming months. We are beginning to explore how this international conversation can continue through expanding Collaborate's values and framework into Collaborate UK (@collaborateUK_ launching soon). We'd like to thank David for his time in Australia; the information provided will no doubt inspire and influence decision making within the industry for some time to come."

On Tuesday morning, AECOM hosted a roundtable with David and representatives from Consult Australia (CEO Megan Motto and COO Julia Lemercier), Collaborate ANZ, the BIM in Practice Steering Committee, led by John Hainsworth (@BIM_OZ) and the Australian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC) Executive Director, Teresa Scott. This meeting proved a lively discussion on the path Australia has taken to date and what is required to ensure a consistent approach to the adoption of digital technologies and process that will improve efficiency across the construction sector. It was agreed that the technical argument is not the path to follow with the Commonwealth government and the best argument is the economic argument around improving and maintain GDP and competition with the nations of Asia Pacific.

AECOM’s BIM Practice Lead, and Vice Chair Collaborate ANZ, Steve Appleby (@SteveApplebys) commented: “The insights shared at this meeting will provide a lasting reference point as industry works alongside the Commonwealth to advance the adoption of BIM in Australia. The advice and feedback we received from David reinforces the requirement for industry to partner with the government to develop consistency in the procurement and delivery processes of the built environment. The risk of adoption is reduced as we learn from the successful policies implemented by HM Government in the UK.

On Tuesday evening, after a very productive morning with Consult Australia, BuildingSmart Australia, and Collaborate ANZ David boarded a flight to Christchurch in New Zealand, a city which was devastated by a series of powerful earthquakes in September 2010 and February 2011. The purpose of David’s trip was to attend a meeting with New Zealand Government and present an international and UK perspective on BIM at an event sponsored by New Zealand Institute of Building (NZIOB), New Zealand Institute of Architecture (NZIA), Institute of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ) and Collaborate ANZ.


After a morning of sightseeing including earthquake damaged areas, The Pallet Pavilion, The Container Mall and The Transitional (Cardboard) Cathedral, David attended a meeting hosted by Beca, with The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), The Ministry of Education (MoE), Land Information New Zealand (LINZ), Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA), The Productivity Partnership, BuildingSmart Australia and Collaborate ANZ.

The purpose of this meeting was simple; to bring together senior leaders within government and industry to learn from the UK’s experience to date. The agenda focussed on the UK journey and how the NZ government could adopt BIM in a structured manor during what is the largest building programme in the nation’s history. The 2 hours flew by and the meeting and the conversation moved across a number of topics and concerns about mandating BIM on such a large scale over such a short timeframe. Key to this was understanding what the UK has achieved to date, and if there are any cross overs or lessons learnt that New Zealand can benefit from.

The evening saw over 200 people swarm on the main auditorium of Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT) for the NZIOB event BIM: an NZ, AU and UK Perspective. Speakers Glenn Jowett (@RevitST, BECA & Collaborate ANZ) giving a presentation titled BIM: A New Zealand Update, followed by Steve Appleby @SteveApplebys (AECOM, BuildingSmart Australia & Collaborate ANZ) giving a presentation titled AU BIM Update, followed by the main event David Philp, giving a presentation titled H.M. Government’s whole sector approach to implementation of digital, collaborative working. The session ended with a panel Q&A session where the speakers were joined by Naylor Love, one of the main contractors in New Zealand. The whole session was recorded by NZIOB and will be made available via the BIM Task Group website.


Alistair Pearson, Construction Manager for CERA commented “The NZIOB hosted event I attended regarding the BIM presentation by Dave Philp was both fascinating and informative.

The content of the talk was an insight into the task ahead for the Southern Hemisphere, BIM is the future and one that will be accepted as the norm before too long, David’s method of presenting held the 200 strong audience’s attention and by the amount of questions after the event struck a chord with the Consultant and Construction community. I look forward to watching this develop and applaud the team for putting together this informative evening”

Glenn Jowett of BECA and Collaborate ANZ commented “once I heard David was going to be in Australasia I knew it was important to get him to New Zealand to meet with Government officials, a major part of BIM is collaboration, and at the moment we have Governments in several countries all recreating the wheel with their own BIM mandates and guides, if we can work together to align Australia, New Zealand and the UK that is one step towards true clarity around BIM and global collaboration. Both the afternoon meeting with NZ Government and the evening presentations have done a lot for informing industry and Government on what the challenges and opportunities are relating to BIM.”

After a few #BIMBeers and musing over COBie UK it comes back to the same BIM story, actually it’s much more than the smart technology it’s about reshaping the industry we are all passionate about and ensuring we leave a digitally integrated legacy.